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A Buffy, Angel and Fray 100 Word Challenge Community

A Buffy, Angel and Fray Challenge Community
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Greetings Slayerettes, and welcome to the Slayerverse 100 Community. This concept's been gacked all over the board, but this particular community was primarily inspired by the userinfox_men100 challenge community (which gacked it from elsewhere).


  • Every Monday a new challenge will be posted by a moderator. You will have until the next Monday (Midnight between Sunday and Monday being the cutoff point) to write and post your drabble.

  • If your drabble is 100 words or less, you may "give" a chocolate, or other treat, to a character of your choice. These treats will be tallied at the end of the challenge week and the winner will be announced along with the next challenge.

  • No off topic posting is allowed unless it is accompanied by a fic.

  • No flaming.

  • Possibly offensive posts should be well marked and LJCut. This includes potentially offensive language, sexual actions, and intense situations.

  • Feedback is good. Long live the feedback.

  • Ideally, posts should look like this:

Title: Here Come the Monsters
Season/Show/Episode: Between Seasons 1 and 2 of Buffy
-insert story here-

This will help us catagorize posts in memories according to Seasons and Shows.