Thran (thran) wrote in slayerverse100,

Free challenge!

I hereby christen the new community with a Faith-POV drabble, post-Chosen. Damn, I'm second. Oh, well. 100 words exactly, chocolates to Faith always and forever.

So what's there to mourn?

Sunnydale, gone, buried in a crater. Well, it was never my home anyway, not really.

A few of the new Slayers, gone. That sucks, they were good girls. Scared, sure, but hell, they could have split any time. They all chose to be there, all fought the good fight. Unfortunate casualties of war.

The good guys came out on top, like they always do when Buffy's around. Always the fucking hero. We won. This is not an end, this is a beginning. The big decisions are ahead of us. And I'm still looking for peace.
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