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100 words. post end of series willow/xander

A Long Deserved Vacation (post end, Xander/Willow)

They packed the car in silence, hands methodically placing suitcases into the trunk, cooler in the backseat, themselves in the front, seat belts on, key in ignition.

Once a long time ago, Willow would have had inner tummy flutters for months at the thought of taking a road trip with her best friend Xander. But those flutters, along with the girl they belonged to seemed to have gotten lost in the years.

Too much death, Willow decides mentally with a small nod to herself.

Then Xander smiled, and Willow’s heart proved her wrong by giving one tiny jump in response.

100 Words on the Dot Chocolates to Xander because even though I've only seen the first three seasons I know how badly he and all of them get treated.
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